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Sketchbook - 2003-2008
This is a hodge podge of old and new stuff that i like but isn't on an album. This page will probably be updated most often because of fun with the Immersion Composition Society. Like for instance, the Meat Foam is something i recently recorded with my newest toy, a circuit-bent Omnichord handmade by Ben Houston in Portland. Ben makes the most incredible circuit-bent instruments that are also exquisite works of art. Go see. My Little Meanwhile was the last thing I did with Paul Scriver, a stunning remix of the song with Kirk Heydt on cello and Ricky Carter on drums. This remix has always stood out as one of my favorite collaborations with Scriver, but it was all but lost due to a hard disc crash years ago. Special thanks to Dexter for sending me the MP3 that he had downloaded off the web back in the year 2000. It was the only copy of the song in existence.


released January 1, 2000

These songs have not been released.



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Ultralash Oakland, California

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Track Name: my little meanwhile (paul scriver mix)
you left a cough in the back of my throat
you left a hole in the sleeve of my coat
ashes to ashes my little meanwhile

we were in love as far as i could tell
that's what they say but it wasn't something i could spell
i say it anyway to my little meanwhile

and it's like the pull of your last cigarette
the tighter the roll the more you have to work for it
toiling away, that's my little meanwhile
ashes to ashes my little meanwhile